Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Door Facelift

I recently decided to give our side door a facelift. We have 7 doors in our house...but this one is the door on the side of our house in between the garage doors. The trim on our house is a beige color...not my color of choice but it is what it is for now. The garage doors and side door were all painted the same color. However we rarely ever use this do see it as soon as your pull down our driveway. It's just so very blah.

Here are some BEFORE pictures:

I painted our front door RED soon after we moved in. We have always loved red doors. And with the left over paint, I also painted the Headboard Bench. I still had over 1/2 a gallon of paint left so I used the same red to paint this side door. Then added a decal with the house numbers which also matches our Mailbox. (etsy is awesome by the way) I picked up this old kid rocking chair for $5 at a thift store and made it into a small planter similiar to my Chair Planter on my front porch. And's done! Ahhh...makes me smile now everytime I get home. :)

Here are my AFTER pictures:


  1. This is so beautiful! Love the color and LOVE the way you did the numbers! I am SO bookmarking this for our sad doors that need a facelift! Thanks for posting!

  2. that looks great, very inviting. i love the way it stands out now, with the color and the cute doormat and planters.