Monday, February 28, 2011

Board and Batten Bathroom

So we moved into our house a year ago and I painted the guest bath a bright yellow. I didn't get a sample before I bought my gallon and got it home and really didn't like it. BUT I paid for it so I figured I must use it. So I did...and I've never been happy with it. I knew I wanted to do something else but wasn't sure what. Until I saw Gail's post on her Board and Batten back splash in her kitchen. I loved it and knew that's what I wanted to do. My Dad is the most talented guy I know and while visiting I told him my plans. He had a stash of 1x4's that he wasn't using and gave them to me! And for my birthday I got a Lowes gift card so that paid for my paint. So this project literally didn't cost me a dime!!

Here are my bathroom BEFORE pictures:

These are the original 1981 cabinets and it just didn't go with the black mirror or the counter top...

I think my friend summed it's just Country looking...

And here's my AFTER Board and Batten Bathroom:

I just love how it turned out!

I painted the cabinets a glossy black and which brings out the mirror, light fixture and other black accents.

Instead of working around the baseboard, I took it up and used a 1x4 instead and put down new shoe molding.

That's me!

The sides of the sink were too narrow to add any boards so instead I just ran the top boards across the top.

Here's the other side of the mirror.

Up close of the board and batten. I used a semi-gloss white paint. Painters caulk is my new best friend!

I painted the walls first (yes, that's just dry wall) and then painted my boards and then attached everything together and gave it all one final coat.

As I mentioned friend said it went from Country to Kickin! :)

Next I plan to do my breakfast area the same way.

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  1. Ivy
    I love everything about your bathroom. You did such a great job! I want to do mine!! I have been trying to figure how high to go up. I love your height.
    cute self portrait too!
    I'm featuring this post on my highlights!
    thanks for linking to my ccc and for linking to me in your post!
    ps also LOVE your header/banner! and the title of your blog. in fact, I think I must follow you!
    pps i highly recommend you take off word verification. ;)

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  3. It turned out fabulous! I am getting ready to do board and batten in mylaundry room and I hope it looks as good as yours. Good work!

  4. You've done a fantastic job, it looks wonderful!
    We're going to be doing this to our bathroom, I was a bit undecided but seeing how great it looks here I definitely want it now!

    Thanks for sharing!