Monday, January 31, 2011

Mudroom Lockers

I came across the idea of "mudroom lockers" while blog surfing one day. My favorite was Karla's which is AWESOME. But she has a handy dandy have a handy dandy daddy but he lives almost 3 hours away. While looking at other DIY Lockers I decided to try and find something I could "repurpose" to make my lockers. Save some money and recycle! While at my local Habitat Restore I walked over to the closet doors and studied them for a bit and thought...that could be my sides. So I found 2 sets of doors that looked pretty good and brought them home for $15. I had this project on my to do list for several months but didn't have all the tools I needed to really make it.
Thankfully for Christmas I got lots of tools! So now I had what I needed to get started.

The only thing I had to purchase "new" for this project was the bead board, hooks and baskets. My good friend is building a house and had some scrap boards laying around so I went and grabbed them up. That was my backer to attach the bead board to.

I then went about adding the beadboard to the back, attached the doors to the back, made the shelves out of a piece of board I found on my neighbor's curb, all the molding I got from my in-laws house which was left over in their attic. The bottom of the lockers was a piece of scrap I got at home depot for 50 cents.

Once I got it all put together I put one coat of primer over the entire thing and then 3 coats of paint.

My finished Mudroom Lockers

I found the baskets at Target and the initials at Michaels. The letters were white and used black spray paint on them and tied them on. A basket for each of us.

I actually do not have a "mudroom" I built these to go right beside the door in the basement which leads out to our garage. So when you come in and out of the door from the car you can hang your coat, keys, hat, etc.

Now I did make quite a bit of mistakes and it's definitely not perfect but it was my first "furniture" type project. And it's very functional!

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  1. I would never have guessed this was your first furniture project. These are AMAZING, girl! They are obviously functional, but I think they are super cute too! You impressed me!


  2. It's awesome is what it is! Bifold doors? How clever are you? Very, very cool!

  3. Ivy! oh my gosh! LOVE it! too cool!

    "catching" you this week!


  4. Just came across your blog through Gail. You are one talented little lady. Great job on the locker! Diane

  5. Great job on the lockers! That is something I have always wanted to do in my porch. I just may get cracking on that project now that I have been given inspiration!


  6. What an amazing job!!! I hope I can do something like this. I am your newest follower :)

  7. This is the most clever locker hack I have come across after months of trying to figure out what I'm going to do! So smart - thank you!!! I'm doing it this week!