Saturday, July 30, 2011

Playhouse Construction - Day 3 - Day 7

Playhouse construction was moving kinda slow mainly b/c my Daddy is a BIG part of getting it built and my parents live almost 3 hours away so building can only be done when they come to visit and the weather is cooperating.

To see the Playhouse from the very beginning, please visit Playhouse Construction - Day 1 & 2

The playhouse stayed looking like the picture below for the rest of the summer through the winter months.

But then in April 2011, construction started back and with Eve turning 3 in a couple months she was old enough to really start to enjoy and understand this new project.

Day 3 of construction was to get the rafters built and the roof on the house.

And here is the little princess herself.
She started calling it her castle and that Papa was building her a pink castle.

In between Day 3 & Day 8 when my parents came back, our job was to in close the house and get the shingles on the roof. The picture below is the backside of the house with most of the boards attached.

We recruited some friends to help us finish the side boards and shingles. Our friend had a bunch of shingles that had never been used, so we got to use them and he actually put them all on for us.

The shingles did take about 3 different visits for him to finish...
he's kinda a slow worker but hey...I'm not complaining!

At the end of Construction Day 7, the walls are on & roof is done!

More to come...stay tuned!

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