Saturday, July 30, 2011

Playhouse Construction - Day 8 & 9

Playhouse construction days 8 and 9 were when things really starting to progress and it was really starting to look like a house.

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My parents came back about 6 weeks after day 3 of construction. The plan was to get the windows in, the slide on and some of the trim work...which we accomplished all of that and more.

The stairs were challenging. My Dad wasn't exactly sure how we were going to do do them. Our original design had the stairs coming down off the front porch and turning towards the side. But then we thought it could be a safety issue to have an opening along the front face of the porch. So we put them off to the side. The stairs had to be wide enough and deep enough but not too deep for little feet to run up and down them. So as my Daddy says...what starts out as a mistake, actually turns into something really cool and people think you meant to do it like that.

Yes, I know...these stairs look really funny at the moment.
Reminds me of an escalator or something.

We had Eve test out the stairs to be sure they were going to work.

 This picture makes me laugh...she is such a ham. She loves showing off her new house.
As you can see, the windows are all in.

So we drew a design on for the stairs and my Dad cut it out.  

Pretty cool, huh!

So to looks like waves, but Lance's thought was to make it look like flames...
what do you see?

None the less, we really liked the wavy look. Our original plan was to put sliding on this playhouse. I had hauled some from down the street in my neighborhood from a house that was replacing theirs. It was not in too bad of shape...not for a playhouse anyway so I drug that awful stuff down the road and it was stored in our garage for almost a year. But as I mentioned, we really liked the wavy look, so we decided to trash the sliding and just use the particle board that was on the house and cut the trim to also be wavy.

You can see the wavy trim design below around the door and sides of the house.

Again, our original design plan kept changing as this house evolves but our thought was to make the front porch have pickets just like a regular porch does. My Dad had even cut all the pickets to size and brought them to us. But then he suggested perhaps using plywood to cut a design into and make that be the porch railings. So that is what the big sheet of plywood is up for.

And here's a close up of the newly designed stairs with the hand rail.

End of Playhouse Construction - Day 9

Side view of the house with some of the trim on.

 Our plan was to have the house somewhat usable for Eve's 3rd Birthday party which was a few weeks away. And it definitely was...she wants to play in it all the time and it's not even done. The kids at her party thought it was coolest thing ever!

More to come...stay tuned!

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