Saturday, August 6, 2011

Playhouse Construction - Day 10

The playhouse is looking great! The original plan was to put pickets along the front porch but then decided to go with a solid sheet of plywood and cut out a design. So Lance drew it and cut out the front panel design with a jigsaw. Took him about 6 hours to cut the entire scene out. We attached the scene to the front and I started to prime the house. I used Zinner Oil based primer over the entire house. I went with an oil based since it would be outside and I wanted it to be protected as much as possible. However, Eve and I went out there one night after work and I let her paint with the primer...she had oil based paint ALL OVER HER...head to toe. At one point I saw her stick her hand in the can of paint. Oh my! But she had a great time! I scrubbed her down afterwards with some mineral spirits and got most of it off but she still had it on parts of her arms and legs and some specs in her hair for at least a week. :) I wish I would have taken a picture!

Here is the front design panel with one coat of primer.

The idea behind it was the Royal Coat of Arms pictured below.

The design was Lance's idea but I ended up painting it much more girly than the picture above.

You can see the stair design in post Day 8 & 9. Once that design was set we went with the same look for all the trim work. On Day 10 my parents were back for a visit (late June 2011) and helped complete the rest of the trim work. 

Also, on this visit my awesome Dad sheet-rocked and puttied the entire inside of the playhouse!!


Here is the dutch door from inside looking out. We still need to get a proper knob for the doors. Right now we are just using a chain with a hook.

Next post will be the finished paint job! Stay tuned!

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