Sunday, December 26, 2010

My DIY Christmas

Christmas 2010 has been a very DIY kind of Christmas. I had bought several things to turn into projects and thought...why not give them as gifts. I actually did not photo all of my gifts I made...I forgot. :(

American Girl Doll Kitchen
I converted this old cabinet into a kitchen for Eve's American Girl Doll.
BEFORE picture

I primed it with 2 coats then 3 coats of left over pink semi-gloss paint from Eve's room. Made one of the drawers into a microwave by removing the backside of the drawer, made a hole for the sink (dog bowl) and curved a copper pipe for the faucet. I brought some small kitchen items from the Our Generation brand at Target to go with it.

AFTER picture

stove top are small black circles and a sink and faucet

Doll Cradle

I posted this eariler but here it is again.

BEFORE picture

I painted it and made a bed to go with it.

Countdown Blocks
I made several sets of these but didn't take pictures of all of them. But here are a couple I made as Christmas gifts.

Holiday Blocks

These were fun to make and so easy. They are just 2x4's cut at different lengths and then used Modge Podge to add scrapbook paper and hand drew the letters on them.

Halloween Blocks...would look cute on the mantel at Halloween

Be Mine blocks for Valentine's Day

Purple Black and Decker Kid Workbench

Eve kept saying she wanted some "pink" tools. She watches me use tools alot and wanted her own. Well I looked everywhere for some pink tools. They make them for adults but not kids. So...we decided to buy a black and decker workbench with tools and just spray paint them. :) I couldn't find pink plastic spray paint but did find purple so that would have to do.
I used Krylon Fusion Purple Spray Paint that can be sprayed on plastic. Worked pretty good.

Reindeer Rootbeer

I got this idea at Crafty Sisters. I thought it would be so cute to make for Eve's teachers. I am not a Root Beer fan myself but hoped maybe they were. :)

Polymer Clay Play Food
Eve was looking threw her American Girl catalog and said she wanted some cupcakes for her dolls. (This was before I bought the Our Generation kitchen food). So I busted out the polymer clay and we made a few pieces. When we were done she clapped her hands and said " made it....great job Mommy, great job!!" It was so cute! (she's only 2 years old)

In addition to these crafts I made some homemade cards and grouped them together in packs of 10 as gifts. I made my mom and mother-in-law a Chair Planter like mine but forgot to take pictures of them.
I have felt like Santa's elf this year. :)

Merry Christmas!

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