Monday, December 20, 2010

American Girl Kitchen

Eve really likes playing with her kitchen and her dolls. She got an American Girl catalog a couple weeks ago and in there is a pictures of a kitchen table and food accessories for the Americal Girl dolls. She saw it and called it a kitchen and asked if I could make her one. (She's been watching me make larger play kitchens). I thought...of course...a DIY Doll Kitchen. I looked online and saw the Our Generation girls from Target have a kitchen but other than that...small kitchens that are not Barbie size are hard to find. So I was on the hunt for a piece of furniture I could repurpose to a doll kitchen. I went to my favorite consignment shop...The Gingham Daisy and it wasn't long before I spotted this find! I love the mission style look.

American Girl Doll Kitchen - BEFORE

I actually paid about $23 which is more than I usually would spend but it was just too perfect. It would fit her American Girl doll great! I got my Dad to cut off the bottom of the shelf and drilled a hole for the sink. I picked up a small dog bowl for the sink. This project is still a work in progress but hope to be done soon. I added small marble type pieces I've had for years and glued them to the backsplash.

I'll post more pictures once I get further along. This is such a fun project!

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