Friday, December 3, 2010

Painted Tree

We moved into this house in Feb 2010. Eve was only 20 months at the time and was still in her crib. I did not plan on moving her into a big girl bed at such a young age but as soon as we moved she started to climb/fall out of her crib in the middle of the night. So we decided to try out the big girl bed (which was mine that my Dad made me when I was 7 or so). Turns out she loved it and slept so good. So I got her some new bedding and found this Circo Love and Nature theme at Target and thought it was perfect for a little girl's room. The theme was trees, owl, mushrooms etc so I knew I wanted to put a tree on her wall. My husband is somewhat of an artist himself so he drew the tree and I painted it. The flowers and animals are wall decals that was part Love and Nature theme.

BEFORE picture...just boring green walls

The AFTER - hand drawn / painted tree

And most of importantly...Eve LOVES her tree!

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