Friday, December 3, 2010

DIY Play Kitchen

My cousin actually told me about this idea of converting old pieces of furniture into a play kitchen for kids. As soon as I heard about it I knew this had my name all over it. I LOVE making things for Eve (my 2 year old). She already has a wooden kitchen we bought her for her 1st birthday but we are building a playhouse outside and so I thought a handmade DIY play kitchen would be perfect for that.

I found this old nightstand at a flea market for about $12.

DIY Play Kitchen - Before - Old Nightstand
I put 2 coats of primer on there and then use a couple cans of apple green spray paint. Took the bottom drawer out and cut the top drawer in half. These 2 pieces would make a great microwave and oven door. Cut a hole in the top for the sink (dog bowl). Cut 4 small circles of wood for the stove burners. Used the knobs from the drawer for the stove knobs and 2 others I just had on hand. The fabric for the skirt was leftover fabric I used in my real kitchen. I found the faucet from the Habitat Restore for $4 and the board that is behind the sink. Attached a small rod from IKEA to hang the pots on and it's a wrap. A new kitchen for my niece and nephew for Christmas. (Eve's is coming...had to experiment with my 1st one) :)

 The After - DIY Play Kitchen

 I used chalk board paint on one side.
I've got 2 more I'm working on and will post those when they are done.

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  1. Way cute!!! We are going to be doing ours sometime in the next week or two. I wanted it to be ready for Easter, but we will have to see.

  2. oh so cute,, i've bookmarked a couple of these that I want to try one day in the future (first grandchild due in Sept) .. im marking yours too. Love the colors you chose.

  3. Ivy! I love, love, love this! so stinkin' cute!
    "catching" you next week,